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At WEEE Solutions Ltd, we specialise in helping you manage a wide range and types of waste. For safe and effective assistance, CALL us today!

Save time with our comprehensive waste collection service. We travel throughout the whole of Scotland and Northern England.

We can help you towards a zero waste future and comply with the current waste regulations.


AND we participate in the Circular Economy with our new Repair for Re-Use facilities where some household waste goods such as Fridges and Freezers can be checked, safety tested, functionally tested to PAS-141 standand and then placed back on to market again as goods.


This provides a massive boost to carbon reduction as well saving the consumption of energy, of virgin and stock resources. And of course the goods we sell (in bulk quantities) are much cheaper than brand new goods.

We will travel to you!

Diverse range of waste disposal services

We are reducing our Carboon footprint with Repair for Re-Use

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